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Hi, I'm Lola Cook from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada
My Islay family names are:  McEwing/McEwen/McEown; McTaggart; Stewart; McCaig/McCuaig; Wallace; Stevenson

Archibald McEwing, born btwn 1730-1740 in Kildalton and he died in Kildalton.  He married Katherine McTaggart on Dec. 21, 1759 in Kildalton.
Son John McEwing born June 1761.  He married Janet McTaggart on Feb. 7, 1790 in Kildalton.  Son John born Jan 28, 1807, died May 1869.  He married Flora Stevenson, born 1797, daughter of Neil Stevenson and Catherine McTaggart.  Flora died on Oct. 17, 1866.
Son Joseph McEwing, born July 24, 1828 in Killallan, died June 14, 1888 in Campbeltown, Argyll.  Joseph married Mary Wallace, daughter of John Wallace and Margaret Gilchrist, on Dec. 13, 1853 in Campbeltown.  Mary was born on Jan. 6, 1829 in Killean, died Nov. 7, 1895 in Campbeltown.
One of the children from this marriage was Catherine McEwing, born March 10, 1857 in Campbeltown, died May 18, 1921 in Campbeltown
Catherine married Hugh Stewart, son of John Stewart and Mary McCaig/McCuaig, on Dec. 1, 1885 in Campbeltown.  Child of the marriage was Robert McEwing Stewart, born July 25, 1886 in Campbeltown, died July 25, 1958 in Winnipeg, Man. Canada.

John Stewart, born circa 1814,Tinsmith, died btwn 1866-1869;  married Mary McCaig/McCuaig, born 1816 in Kilarrow, her parents were Donald Mcaig, Bowmore and Betsy Brown, Bowmore, married's Mar. 27, 1806.  
children of John Stewart & Mary McCaig:
Robert Stewart, born 1844 - Policeman in Glasgow - died Bowmore Poorhouse Oct. 10, 1870
Hugh Stewart, born 1846 - Easdale or Port Ellen - Masons Labourer, married Catherine McEwing, Dec. 1, 1885 in Campbeltown.  Hugh died after Dec. 1, 1885 unknown place.  He enlisted in the army, 73rd Foot, June 23, 1864, discharged Nov. 6, 1876.  Served long enough to be Chelsea Pensioner
 John Stewart, born 1848, Portree, Inverness - Policeman in Glasgow - married Margaret McCaffer, June 3, 1870, Glasgow.  John died June 1878.

I want to find out where and when Hugh Stewart died.  He was my paternal grandfather.  Any information greatly appreciated!
Lola Cook

Mary Stewart, born 1848, died 1852 of phthisis (tuberculosis).
Susan Stewart, born 1854, Bowmore, died May 5, 1893, Glasgow - married Gilbert Boyd Oct 22, 1873; later married Daniel McAleese

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So, better details.

I’m Dixie Cutler and live in Surrey, BC. I have been researching since 1998 and discovered — among other things — that I do have Islay ancestry although there is NO truth to the tale that my grandfather’s mother-in-law once owned Islay!

Here is what is true:

Colin McCaig, my GG grandfather, born, illegitimate, Bowmore 18 Aug 1831, married 15 Jul 1859 in Pollockshaws, Renfrew, died there 21 Jan 1867

Lachlan McCaig, his father, born Bowmore, 2 Aug 1809, died Colonsay 28 Sep 1889. Colin's mother was Catherine McArthur “native of Kildalton” died before 1859.

Lachlan’s parents were Alexander McCaig (McCaog, McCowaig) born 1761, died 8 Aug, 1843, kill arrow and Florence/Flora McNeil born 1776, died 1836 Killarrow.

Parents of Alexander could be John McCaog & Janet McDougall.
Parents for Flora could be Duncan McNeil and Ann McLennan.

I’m enjoying the GedMatch info but — so far — I ( A650732) am related nobody!
I have public tree on ancestry: Bower Family Tree

Dixie Bower Cutler

Lynn Seamark

Hi, I'm Lynn Thompson Seamark from Michigan

Descendant of: Peter Currie - born 1814 Kilchoman, Argyll died 1855 Erin, Wellington, Ontario and Jane McNiven - born 1826 Kilchoman, Argyll, Died ? Michigan - through their youngest son Archibald b. 1855 Ontario (rest of siblings were born in Kilchoman)

Peter Currie is the son of Gilbert Currie of Kilchoman b. Aprox 1769 died bef 1828 (dropped off tenant list) in Kilchoman and Margaret McArthur b. 1773 Kilchoman, d. 1861 Cairnduncan, Kilchoman.

Peter's parents are unknown

Margaret's parents are James McArthur and Catherine McDermid

Peter Currie's siblings found so far are Malcolm b. 1796 d 1880, Kilchoman, Hugh b. 1798, d. 1863 Grey, Ontario, Catherine b. 1801 d.? Mary b. 1804, d. 1885 Dumbarton, Donald b. 1806, died 1883 Kilchoman, Duncan b. 1806 d. bef 1867 per son's marriage record in Ayrshire, Neil b. 1811 d 1875 Wellington, Ontario (traveled with Peter to Canada)

Jane McNiven is the daughter of Archibald McNiven b 1787 Islay d. bef 1851 Islay and Jean/Jane McIntyre b. 1784 Kilchoman d. 1864 Lanark.

Archibald McNiven's father was maybe Alexander per oldest son and other Alexanders in the area

Jean McIntyre's parents are John McIntyre and Susan McAulay

Jane McNiven's siblings found so far are Alexander McNiven b. 1807 d 1903, Michigan (he also traveled to Wellington - earlier than the Curries and ended in Michigan), John McNiven b. 1811 d. ?, Marion McNiven b. 1813 d. ? James McNiven b. 1814 d. 1870 Lanark, Duncan McNiven b 1816 d.?, Christina McNiven b. 1819 d. 1913 Michigan (and married to Neil Currie), Archibald b. 1823, d bef 1868 per daughter's marriage record in Lanark

Picture is of Jane McNiven Currie Stewart (remarried after Peter Currie's death)