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M. Diane Rogers

Thanks to Sue Visser, we now have a new cover postcard photo. Take a look. Thank you, Sue.

I have a small collection of Islay postcards which we can use. If you have some, do let me know. Or if you see some others out there on the web that are allowed for non-commercial use.

Great to see some of the ancestors in an album too.

Best wishes,

Diane R

Ellen Sager

Hi, I have some Islay postcards to and from family members.  Would you like me to send them as attachments and who do I send them to?  Ellen Sager

M. Diane Rogers

Hi, Ellen,

You can send them to me


Thanks! Diane

Ellen Sager

Hi, I will work on it in the next week or so.  I am knitting for a craft fair on Saturday and took a break to read about Islay.  Ellen

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Hi, Ellen,

You can send them to me


Thanks! Diane


Hi there

I tried to upload a photo - failed! Then I tried to e-mail Diane - I can't see your e-mail address.  There is a list of 6 people in the member directory.



M. Diane Rogers

Seymour - your lovely photo is already in our album. (Now several copies though.) 

I'll make it a cover photo later today. It's nice to have a few to change periodically. 

Members must agree to be public in the directory. Few have done that. (I can see you all though.)

There's a link to 'Contact Group Owner' at the bottom of every e-mail.
You can add me to your address book if you like as: diane_rogers@...

I'm pretty open on the web :-)

M Diane Rogers, Admin