Roll Call

Ken Harrison


I think we’ve talked before, but just in case ….

My McNabbs were also on Ballychatrigin from before 1800 to about 1852.  I can not match any of the persons you list below, although there are some in my data without enough evidence to rule in/out.

Some of mine also went on from Ontario to Chicago.


Ken Harrison

North Vancouver, Canada

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Hi Diane: Thank you for all your work with the group! I have wonderful memories of our get togethers in Ontario and Islay. My gr-grandfather, John McNabb was born on Islay in 1842. He immigrated to Ontario before 1865. His sister, Martha married Archibald Currie in Glasgow in 1866. (Arch was also from Islay.) Their daughter, Kate, was born in January 1867 and supposedly learned to walk on the ship to Ontario about 1869. A "cousin" just helped me locate their brother, Colin, who also eventually ended up in Ontario with their parents, John and Cathrine. Before living in Port Ellen, John and Cathrine lived in Ballychatrigan and Lyrabus. I believe John's parents were Alexander McNabb and Martha Campbell. Not sure about Cathrine. 

     John's and Martha's families both ended up in Chicago and many members are buried there. Colin and the parents died in Ontario. This is John and his wife Margaret Galloway (born in Ontario). I assume this is their son, John, although they had a daughter, Martha, first. 


Carolyn Harmon