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I'm interested in surnames of Ferguson, Adair, McArthur, Gillespie, with connection to Currie and McLarty.  They came from Isle of Islay - Bowmore, Kilchoman, Killarow as well apparently Gartnatra, Argyll.

Greg - Robert - Peter - Donald - Duncan Ferguson -  all confirmed ---- ???? 4th great grand parent

Duncan A Ferguson 1799 Bowmore - 1875 Oro, Simcoe, Ontario married Mary J Adair 1801 Gartnatra, Argyll  - 1875 Oro, Simcoe Ontario.

Believe Duncan's parents maybe Archibald Ferguson 1775 -1851 and wife Mary Whyte abt 1774
siblings Catherine Ferguson 1795 - 1865 married a John Ferguson 1805 - 1882
             Mary Ferguson abt 1820 -1869 married Duncan McCalman 

Believe Mary Adair parents were William Adair and Marion McAlpine

Duncan's daughter Mary married a Currie in Oro and died there.

Peter McArthur abt 1812 Kilchoman - 1895 Grassmere, Manitoba, Canada (lived in Oro, Simcoe, Ontario until 1870) married Catherine Gillespie 1826 Bowmore - 1910 Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Believe Peter's parents are John Alexander McArthur 1785 Bowmore - bef 1836 Scotland married Mary Catherine Hyndman 1787 Bowmore - 1863 Oro, Simcoe , Ontario, Canada
sibling Janet McArthur married a McLarty lived and passed away in Oro, Simcoe, Ontario. 

Believe Catherine Gillespie's parents were Alexander Gillespie 1791 Bowmore - 1883 Collingwood, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada and mother Janet Jamieson abt 1789 - bef 1846.

I've taken the DNA test at Ancestry and at Familytree (67 markers) results from DNA has led to some of these connections (Currie, McLarty). Trying to solve and connect to 4th great grand parents to determine more family connections. 


Re: Researchers Database

Dorothy Bell

Hello to the group:

My interest is: Bell’s of Kilchoman, McAuley, Campbell and Sinclair.

Dorothy Bell

Roll Call


Hi All,

My primary line is through my Grandfather Donald MacCuaig b 1890 on Islay in Port Ellen, his wife (Kathleen Leitch) was from Edinburgh.


His parents Donald MacCuaig (1851-1929) and Lilian Black (?1848-1923) both of Kildalton


Their Parents Neil MacCuaig (1825-1890) (port Ellen), Margaret Morrison (?1831-1875) (Kildalton), Donald Black (1811-1888) (Kildalton) and Mary Campbell (1806-1893) Port Ellen


Next generation

Donald MacCuaig (1730-?) Kildalton is possible & Catherine McEwen/McEwing 1792?

John Morrison & Mary McIntyre (No information)

Alexander Black (?1768) Kildalton & Caterine Beat(t)on (?1772) Baleneil, Kildalton

Ronald Campbell & Mary Macewen (no information)


If they ring any bells with anyone I’m keen to hear more 😊



Neil MacCuaig

07748 023 106


Re: Roll Call ?

Philip Hubsmith

Hi Diane/All,

Hello and best wishes to everyone!

My interest is with McFadyen, McGilvary, Morrison, McEwan - I believe mainly from Bowmore

My great grandparents are: -

Hugh McFadyen: B 1835 - D 1907 / Elizabeth Morrison - (photo attached): B 1841 - D 1922. Both born in Bowmore but moved to Dumbarton and then Clydebank. Hugh's brother Donald was the Post Master at 'old' Bowmore Post Office, now a private residence and to the left of The Lochside Hotel on Shore Steet - 2 x photos attached

Hugh and Elizabeth had 8 children?: John, Catherine, Euphemia, Flora (my grandmother), Elizabeth, Mary Anne, Margaret, Angus - oldest, B 1862 - D 1929

Hugh's parents were: Angus McFadyen and Anne McGilvary / Elizabeth's parents were: John Morrison: B 1791? - Dead at 1851 and Margaret (or Anne) McEwan: B 1801

Note: Many of the above dates are from 'scribbles' and need to be verified

Thank-you to everyone involved in getting this up and running - I will follow with interest

Phil Hubsmith, Erskine. Scotland
On 22/01/2020 06:41, Diane Rogers wrote:

Hi, everyone. 

There are now 177 of us here. Would you like to start a roll call? Just the Islay people's names and places you are interested in.

I am thinking we can also build up a database for the people we are researching.

We can post images too - however - there is an overall size limit for images on free lists here. So be cautious and resize them, please.  I would love to see photos of those we know came from Islay, if we have them.


Roll call


My interest in Islay is through Mary Ferguson born about 1787 and married to John Eads (according to family he may have been an English or Welsh sailor). They had 8 children (that I am aware of). The surname Eads has several variations depending on which branch you follow these are Ead, Eads, Head, Heads and Hood. 

Mary and Johns children were Archibald (1813) went to Canada. George (1815) went to Glasgow. Neil (1817) went to Kilbarchan. John (1820), Mary (1823), Alexander (1825) the only one that I know stayed on Islay. John (1827) went to Greenock. Mary (1830) went to Paisley. 

If anyone has any connection to this family I would love to hear from you.



Re: Roll Call


I am Sheila Kronenberger,  a descendent of the owners of Laphroaig:

Alexander JOHNSTON and Mary GRAHAM
Donald JOHNSTON and Isaabella McDOUGAL
Mary JOHNSTON and Alexander CAMPBELL
Isabella CAMPBELL and Robert James GRAHAM
Dugald Johnston GRAHAM and Alexandra May RUTHERFORD
Sheila Isabella GRAHAM married to John KRONENBERGER (deceased)

I was born in Canada and am now living in the USA.

Re: Roll Call ?

Iain Brown

I am Iain Brown, now living in Dunfermline, Fife.  My connection to Islay is through my paternal grandmother, Catherine McDougall Gray, who lived on Main Street in Bowmore until she passed away in 1977.  My father, John (Iain) McNair Brown was born in Bowmore in 1935.

My historical family connections are McEacherns, Turners, Johnstons, McDuffies, McNivens and more.

Re: Roll Call ?

Cas Houston


I keep a LOT of Islay families on my website at

My Islay ancestors include McFadyen, McArthur, McIntyre, Carmichael, Beaton, Taylor and McLachlan.

Good luck with your research.

Charles MacFadyen Houston

Bowmore in the 18th Century

20th Century Links:

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Re: Roll Call ?


Hi everyone
Names of interest:  Calder, McTaggart (Kilchoman McTaggarts), McNab
Places of interest:  Taycarmigan, Lyrabus/Lurabus Oa (above the lighthouse), Corsapol/Carsable Kilchoman,  the township of Port Ellen
Several of my ancestors were blacksmiths in Port Ellen.
Good to connect again.

Heather  Griffin

Re: #Admin - new cover photo #Admin

Ellen Sager

Hi, I will work on it in the next week or so.  I am knitting for a craft fair on Saturday and took a break to read about Islay.  Ellen

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Hi, Ellen,

You can send them to me


Thanks! Diane

Re: Islay Researchers

Ellen Sager

Hi, it appears that my families from Islay aren't on the researchers' list.  Is there some way of adding them?  I did the maternal DNA test prior to 2015 because I was going to Islay in 2015.    My mother was born on Islay in 1919 - Isabella Johnston Greig Douglas.  Her father was a lighthouse keeper and was at McArthur's Head lighthouse when he drowned when my mother was 9 months old.  Her mother was Bessie McEachern (MacEachern - my relatives that are still in Islay go with Mac).  My mother and Bessie moved to Canada in 1930 to the Mount Forest area.  Bessie's parents were William McEachern and Isabella Johnston.  Isabella Johnston's parents were Alexander Johnston and Margaret MacDougall.  William McEachern's parents were John McEachern and Elizabeth McAulay.
William McEachern's obituary reads as the following:  Obituary from the Oban Times on the death of Wm MacEachern, Feb 5, 1918:
Conisby - on the 5th Ult. Mr. William MacEachern peacefully passed away to his rest.  Being the oldest son of Mr. John MacEachern, farmer, he spent the greatest part of his life in this hamlet.  The deceased had been in indifferent health for the last six months, and bore his illness with great fortitude and resignation.  He was a fine speciman of the Highlander, and of the good old stamp, of which there are few remaining.  He was a lineal descendent of the famous MacEachern smiths, sword-makers and swordsmen, the makers of the sword called ceann Ileach(clann Eachern Othisinnis).  He was an enthusiastic Highlander and was fond of sports, being an athlete of some repute.  He won third prize for putting the stone in the same competition with the world renowned athlete, Donald Dinnie.  His favourite athletes were Donald Dinnie and the famous Islay athlete, Donald Gillespie, familiarly known as "Donhnull a'Chreagain".  Deceased was highly intelligent and took a warm interest in the leading political questions of the day.  He was warmly esteemed by all who knew him, and will be greatly missed.  He was 71 years of age, and has left his wife and grown-up family of four sons and three daughters to mourn his loss. The funeral took place to the burial ground in the ancient Culdee churchyard of Kilchoman.  The funeral was largely attended - an evidence of the esteem in which the deceased was held by friends and acquaintances.  Impressive services were conducted at the house and the grave by the Rev. Messrs. Taylor, Baptist Church, Bowmore, and Boyd Parish Church Kilchoman.  Sincerest sympathy is extended to his wife and family in their bereavement.

Re: #Admin - new cover photo #Admin

M. Diane Rogers

Hi, Ellen,

You can send them to me

Thanks! Diane

Re: #Admin - new cover photo #Admin

Ellen Sager

Hi, I have some Islay postcards to and from family members.  Would you like me to send them as attachments and who do I send them to?  Ellen Sager

#Admin - new cover photo #Admin

M. Diane Rogers

Thanks to Sue Visser, we now have a new cover postcard photo. Take a look. Thank you, Sue.

I have a small collection of Islay postcards which we can use. If you have some, do let me know. Or if you see some others out there on the web that are allowed for non-commercial use.

Great to see some of the ancestors in an album too.

Best wishes,

Diane R

Gedmatch kit numbers


My GEDmatch kit number is T037806.

I show a link to Sharon Stewart Duff but none at all to Dixie.

regards Seymour

Re: Roll Call ?

Anne Lyon

Hope I am doing this correctly.

My Islay family seem to have connections to Killarow, Kilchoman  Kildalton.  Their surnames are 
McPhee/McDuffie,  Shanks,  Campbell, Ferguson,  John McPhee/McDuffie was a gardener at Islay House.

Re: Welcome All to the new Islay list!


The elephants stay until the owner uploads another image. :-) 

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I like the elephants

Re: Roll Call

Ken Harrison


I think we’ve talked before, but just in case ….

My McNabbs were also on Ballychatrigin from before 1800 to about 1852.  I can not match any of the persons you list below, although there are some in my data without enough evidence to rule in/out.

Some of mine also went on from Ontario to Chicago.


Ken Harrison

North Vancouver, Canada

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Hi Diane: Thank you for all your work with the group! I have wonderful memories of our get togethers in Ontario and Islay. My gr-grandfather, John McNabb was born on Islay in 1842. He immigrated to Ontario before 1865. His sister, Martha married Archibald Currie in Glasgow in 1866. (Arch was also from Islay.) Their daughter, Kate, was born in January 1867 and supposedly learned to walk on the ship to Ontario about 1869. A "cousin" just helped me locate their brother, Colin, who also eventually ended up in Ontario with their parents, John and Cathrine. Before living in Port Ellen, John and Cathrine lived in Ballychatrigan and Lyrabus. I believe John's parents were Alexander McNabb and Martha Campbell. Not sure about Cathrine. 

     John's and Martha's families both ended up in Chicago and many members are buried there. Colin and the parents died in Ontario. This is John and his wife Margaret Galloway (born in Ontario). I assume this is their son, John, although they had a daughter, Martha, first. 


Carolyn Harmon


Re: Roll Call

Ken Harrison



Ken Harrison

North Vancouver, Canada


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