Re: Roll Call - Currie, Campbell, McIntyre - Kilarrow

Christine McPhie


My Islay connection is through my great-grandfather Neil Campbell Currie (1865-1935) who was born in Glasgow but his parents were Ilich.

His mother Mary Campbell (1831-1904) was born at Cruach to Peter Campbell (b & d UNK) and Elizabeth McIntyre (c1798-1867)

His father John (c1828-1883) was recorded as Campbell in the 1841 Islay census but was using the surname Currie when he married Mary in Glasgow in 1849.  His death certificate states his reputed father was Archibald Currie (no details known).  His mother Janet McIntyre (c1807-pre 1855) married Alexander Campbell (c1802-1876) in 1828.

Locations are Kilarrow – Cruach, Bowmore, Gartnatra, Avinvogie, Avinlussa, Bridgehouse (Island Farm)

I have taken an Ancestry DNA test but not moved forward yet looking into this!

Now living on Islay 😊



On Wednesday, 22 January 2020, 06:41:26 GMT, Diane Rogers <diane_rogers@...> wrote:

Hi, everyone. 

There are now 177 of us here. Would you like to start a roll call? Just the Islay people's names and places you are interested in.

I am thinking we can also build up a database for the people we are researching.

We can post images too - however - there is an overall size limit for images on free lists here. So be cautious and resize them, please.  I would love to see photos of those we know came from Islay, if we have them.


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