Re: Roll Call

Doug Carmichael

Hello All, I am interested in the Carmichael  families  of Islay. I have pretty good information as far back as  Dougald Carmichael ,dob 1774 , marring  Mary McNeill dob 1778. Her parents were Lachland McNeill and Janet Wright . I do not have any information on Dougalds  parentage .Most of  information I have is from the work of A. Currie and done some years before the internet.  I have been unable to find when and why Carmichaels arrived on Islay. Family oral history has us as a Sept of the Starts of Appin.
               My branch upstakes  in the 1860' to Grey County, Ontario,joining relatives who had done so earlier. Members of the family also moved  to the Swan Valley of Manitoba about this time.

              I did find a reference to there being 3 or more Septs of Carmichael on Islay but I have been unable to "rediscover" this information. If this rings a bell with anyone please let me know. Cheers to one and all Douglas Carmichael

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