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Chris MacDougall

Hi Mary,

The surname of Bui was prevalent on Jura in the early 1700s, according to the records that still remain. As has been noted, this is the surname of Buie, which is how it was commonly spelled with most records from the 1800s.

There were Buis/Buies who migrated to North Carolina with those from Jura in the 1760s, with more crossing over in the 1820s and 1830s.

Buie is one of the oldest names on Jura, and according to one author, Buies are MacDonalds in origin. It was the Buies' office to meet MacDonald of the Isles when landing on Jura, and then acting as his guard until he left the island. Buies were obliged to drop the MacDonald name or remove themselves from Jura when the Campbells gained possession.

My family comes from Jura (back in the early 1800s), and while they left the island as MacDougalls, I believe that my ancestors originally came to the isle with a different name, and were called McNoMoil initially while on the isle, before they assimilated as a sept/group of MacDougalls, thereby taking the name.

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On Thu, Sep 8, 2022 at 1:05 PM Mary McCarthy via <> wrote:
Thank you both. It’s an unfamiliar name to me. It seemed strange that ScotlandsPeople suggested it as a phonologically similar name too White, but maybe there’s something I don’t know about how the two names would have been pronounced?

Mary McCarthy,

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My Buie ancestors arrived in Toronto from Islay around 1838 and 3rd great grandfather came across Lake Erie to Ashtabula County,OH circa 1850-1860

On Sun, Sep 4, 2022 at 10:11 PM Stephen Troy <stroy@...> wrote:
Replying to Mary McCarthy's inquiry about a surname BUI.  Disclosure: I have no Scots ancestry, it's my wife whose ancestors include some McNeills from Islay and Jura.  She's having so much fun running her business that she has no time for genealogy, but I retired so I do.  Anyway I don't know anything at all about BUI, but I got put onto some BUIEs, also from Islay and Jura.  They were in the southern stream of migration in the mid-1700s, going to Wilmington NC, up the Cape Fear River to the area around Fayetteville, and spreading out from there.  A good document of this is Jurney S. "Jay" Edgerton, Jr., "Selected Cemeteries of Robeson Co. NC [copied from tombstones between 1970-1990]".  It says the "Buie Cemetery is located on Highway 71 approximately 1.5 miles south of Red Springs, Robeson Co., NC, on the west side of that highway."  A lot ot similar Buie info is on Ancestry.  Some of these Buies married some of my wife's McNeills, which we have data on them.
Stephen Troy

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Hello all,


Having just come back from Islay (woohoo!), where amongst other things, I was looking for my WHITE/WHYTE ancestors, I found ScotlandsPeople suggested BUI when I searched on phonetic matching, and I found quite a few in old graves and in our group records.  Where does the surname BUI come from and does it have any variants or anglicised versions - or is it already an anglicised version?


Mary McCarthy

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