Surnames McGilvray, McDuffie

Russ McGillivray

I am descended from Donald McGilvray, son of "Donald or Peter" McGilvray and Anne McDuffie, who was born in 1833. They were of Ballachlavan, called "the worst wadset in the countrie" by the Book of Islay but which has the distinction of belonging to the churchyard of Finlaggan. Anne was the daughter of Alexander McDuffie and Marion McLellan. The McDuffie family, including Anne and her son Donald McGilvray, emigrated to Oro Township in Ontario in 1836. Anne married Alexander McLean, formerly of Esknish, about 1840 and had 7 more children. 
I have my "best guesses" as to who Donald McGilvray's parents were (Malcolm McGilvray and Anne McCoag) and grandparents (Donald McGilvray and Ann Ferguson).
I have taken the autosomal DNA test (Gedmatch kit A657192) and the Y-700 test.
My closest Y matches are three McGillivrays (yeah!) but the common ancestors lived 400 years ago or more.
It would be wonderful to have another Islay McGilvray descendant take the Y-700 test.


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