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Philip Hubsmith

Hi Russ,

Thank-you very much for that, it is great information - I looked at my family history some time ago and it is on my 'to do list' to get back into it

Where can I find information on the location of Craast, my internet search does not bring anything up?

Thank-you again!

Phil Hubsmith
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Years ago I put together a database of Islay McGilvrays.

I have that Ann who married Angus McFadyen (18 Jan 1831, Kilarrow) was baptized 19 Jun 1794, Kilarrow, daughter of Donald McGilvray and Florence Fletcher. When Ann was baptized her father was already deceased. He was a herdsman at Craast in 1791 when their daughter Catharine was baptized. Donald and Florence married 24 Feb 1788 at Kilarrow.

Ann’s death in 19 Mar 1874, Kilarrow, is in Ted Larsen’s database of Islay Death Registrations.

By the way, Hugh’s baptism was 1 Jun 1834 so the birthdate of 1835 is a bit late.


Russ McGillivray



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Hi Diane/All,

Hello and best wishes to everyone!

My interest is with McFadyen, McGilvary, Morrison, McEwan - I believe mainly from Bowmore

My great grandparents are: -

Hugh McFadyen: B 1835 - D 1907 / Elizabeth Morrison - (photo attached): B 1841 - D 1922. Both born in Bowmore but moved to Dumbarton and then Clydebank. Hugh's brother Donald was the Post Master at 'old' Bowmore Post Office, now a private residence and to the left of The Lochside Hotel on Shore Steet - 2 x photos attached

Hugh and Elizabeth had 8 children?: John, Catherine, Euphemia, Flora (my grandmother), Elizabeth, Mary Anne, Margaret, Angus - oldest, B 1862 - D 1929

Hugh's parents were: Angus McFadyen and Anne McGilvary / Elizabeth's parents were: John Morrison: B 1791? - Dead at 1851 and Margaret (or Anne) McEwan: B 1801

Note: Many of the above dates are from 'scribbles' and need to be verified

Thank-you to everyone involved in getting this up and running - I will follow with interest

Phil Hubsmith, Erskine. Scotland

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