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Hi Diane,

My interests:

McAulay, McPhaiden, Robertson & McKechnie.

My GreatGrandmother was Jane McAulay born Portnahaven 26/11/1828, died Greenock 21/10/1891.

Jane's parents were Alexander born Islay, 1782?, died Garnkirk Lanarkshire 30/11/1860 & Jane MacPhaiden born Ardmore Argyll 1786? died Garnkirk 26/8/1871.

Alexander's parents were Gilbert McAulay and Janet Robertson.

Jane MacPhaiden's parents were Duncan MacPhaiden and Marggret McKechnie, both dead before Jane.

My GreatGrandmother had 3 brothers (Duncan1821/1887, Donald 1823/1849, Gilbert 1824/1912) and 1 sister Janet (1826/1849). The family had moved to Garnkirk by the time of the 1841 census, where Donald, Gilbert and Janet, died. Duncan died in Greenock.

MyGGFather, Alexander, had 1 sister Jean (b1789?/d 1869 in Portnahaven) who married a Hugh Campbell.

I have not been able to connent my McAulays with any other McAulays of Islay.


Mick Mearns

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Hi, everyone.

There are now 177 of us here. Would you like to start a roll call? Just the Islay people's names and places you are interested in.

I am thinking we can also build up a database for the people we are researching.

We can post images too - however - there is an overall size limit for images on free lists here. So be cautious and resize them, please. I would love to see photos of those we know came from Islay, if we have them.


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