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Ken Harrison


Likewise, I have nothing to verify the first name on my supposed tree as Donald nor, for that matter, the names of the siblings of my 3X gr-grandfather, Duncan.  The names were given, orally, in the 1950s to my grandfather, including only the sons, and I have been unable to locate a single record to support them (mainly due to the destruction of the church register).

Your Nancy McNabb makes the fourth I have seen in that time period (not counting the other Ann(e)s) and I can not find her, but she could be a sister of the boys I mentioned.  Brother Duncan had two daughters Nancy, born in the early 1820s.

Many years ago Roger McWee sent me some info on Ballychatrigin, I think it was for the 1841 census, indicating there were 12 households there, mostly named McNabb.  I have seen the farm referenced back into the 1700s, but have no details.

Perhaps someone can chip in on this …



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Hi Ken;

Thank you for your reply.  The first name of the father of Ann McNabb as Peter may be incorrect.  I don't have anything to verify it.

What is interesting is that I have a Margaret MacVorran who married a Duncan Cameron in 1809. She is the second wife for him.   Their son was Hugh Cameron who married Ann or Nancy McNabb in 1826.  Ann was born about 1794.  She might be a daughter of Donald and sister of Duncan, or a niece of Donald whose father was a Peter McNabb.  I don't know to verify any of this.

Do you know how many families lived at Ballychatrigan in the 1770's - 1830, or have any history of the farm operation?


Donald Young

On 2022-01-11 1:57 a.m., Ken Harrison wrote:


I can not match any of your info directly, but I do have connections in my McNabbs in Ontario with some Youngs.

More importantly, I have a direct ancestral line to McNabbs on Ballychatrigin in the mid 1790s.  My great was Duncan McNabb, b c1795, who married Grace McVoran or Morrison in 1816.  Duncan’s father is reputed to have been Donald McNabb in Ballychatrigin. 

An old family record lists the sons of Donald as Duncan c1795, John c1797, Donald c1805 & Alexander c1805.  There is a later family writing suggesting a sister Margaret c1805.  I have not come across Ann or Peter.

There were several families of tenant farmers on Ballchatrigin at that time, mostly McNabbs and Morrisons.  They may not have been related to each other, but there is a good chance they were, and that your Ann was a sister of my group above, or at least a cousin.

Do we have enough to look into here?

Ken Harrison

Vancouver, BC


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I have an Ann (Nancy) McNabb born about 1794, whose father was Peter? McNabb.  They were from the Ballychatrigan farm. She married Hugh Cameron from Ballychatrigan farm in 1826.  Is this of any help?  I seem to be stuck here. I can't get back any further. I am a descendant of Ann and Hugh.


Donald Young 

On 2022-01-10 1:57 p.m., Anne Farrar wrote:

I have already posted here but on reading other posts I thought I'd be more specific.
I believe my McNabb ancestors came from Lurabus and Ballychatrigan in the Oa.
Andrew McNabb b1777 likely had the following names in his ancestry: Alexander, Duncan, Finlay Robert James and John because these names appear for males for the next 3 generations in our family. I would like to find his parents.
I have no information on his wife Catherine McMath (Mattheson) b. circa 1779 other that her birth and death dates from her gravestone in Knox Presbyterian Cemetary in Oro Medonte Township Simcoe County, Ontario. .
My brick wall is the wife of John McNabb (son of Andrew & Catherine b. circa 1816). From Mary's gravestone she was likely born circa 1824 on Islay and died in 1871 in Oro Township, Simcoe County, Ontario. I want to find her maiden name and parentage.
The OPR's for Kildalton Parish were destroyed by water and mold between about 1765 and 1790 so tracing ancestry is tough. Also for whatever reason Andrew and Catherine did not register the births of their children with the church. Only Finlay born 1813 actually lists both Andrew and his wife as parents.

Thanks, Anne (McNabb) Farrar

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