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Lorne & Susan Campbell

Shelley, are you aware of any connection between Captain Lachlan Campbell and Neall McArthur’s wife Mary Campbell?

Or to Ann Campbell who arrived in 1740, age 15 as a single person and who married James Gillis.




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This has been very helpful Iain thank you! I have found Neil (Neall) McArthur’s and Mary Campbell’s marriage certificate from parish #541 in Kilmeny and their son John’s baptismal record in the same parish. He would have been two years old when they sailed with Captain Campbell to NY. On the baptismal record it records the “place” - presumably where they lived and it’s listed as Ardtallay. Does anyone know is this an actual area on Islay or would this be in reference to the farm there that exists now as a resort? When I went to the farms website, it talks about how it was owned by the McArthurs!

I’m blown away by these discoveries. Thank you all for your help!



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Is there any way to change my email address of the researchers list from

jlorne dot campbell At symp At Ico dot Ca to LorneSusan.Campbell1@...

I am still researching the names and would love to interact with other researchers.

Note the 1 after Campbell

Much appreciated.



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Iain MacIntosh









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Shelley and all

It is my understanding that all available Islay parish records were put on wonderful searchable spreadsheets  by someone and then kept on roots web which then went defunct. Perhaps someone kept the spreadsheets and can share. I used them about 10 years ago to do my husbands Currie/Campbell folks who came to Ontario Canada 1841. Many of the connections have now been confirmed by DNA…seeing cousins on Ancestry DNA matches and on Gedmatch.


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Oh my! I’m terribly sorry for not specifying. I was referring to John Lynch. I should have been more specific - it was very late, and I was having a bit of a hard time figuring out the site - I was trying to send him a message to ensure he got this, but couldn’t figure it out. I did want the whole group to see it as well, however, as I would love to find family in Islay. I have just begun this leg of my journey - wondering if you have any suggestions. I understand there were not good parish records kept and/or some were destroyed? I’m wondering if there are local genealogists and/or historians that might know more.


Thanks so much for reaching out, and I apologize again.



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Dear Shelley,

                         Being descended from illeachs there is every chance that we are connected, however from your history I can’t see a link to my known family tree. The only Neil McArthur connection is the husband of my Great Grandfather Robert Kennedy’s half sister Mary Kennedy. However this Neil McArthur was not born until 1824 in Islay. Any clues?

Yours Aye,



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Hi John,

I believe we are connected. I have been doing similar research for the past two years and have learned much. Charles McArthur was the brother of John and Christine McArthur. Their parents were Neil McArthur and Mary Campbell, and they all came over to NY on the Argyle Patent in 1738. They settled in Claverack, NY and John and Charles fought as loyalists in the Revolutionary War. Charles is my 6th great uncle. His sister Christine McArthur, my 6th great grandmother, married a John Taylor and they had a daughter who was born in Claverack in 1745 named Mary Taylor. The Taylors and McArthurs were a wild bunch. I have quite a bit of information. Mary, my 5th great grandmother, married John MacKenzie, and this is where I hit a wall, trying to trace his line back to Scotland. When the English lost the war, the loyalists were given land in upper Ontario, Canada, and all the McArthurs, Taylors, and MacKenzies in our line migrated there. I have birth and christening records, land claims and grants, handwritten etc. I even have Charles’ military record. This is where the Quebec connection would come in for you. I will try to send you a message as well in case you don’t see this. There are several resources I can share with you. I am also just starting to try to find the origins of Mary Campbell and Neil McArthur from Islay, but old parish records were not well kept from what I understand. Hope to connect soon. Shelley









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