Re: Islay Researchers

Ellen Sager

Hi, it appears that my families from Islay aren't on the researchers' list.  Is there some way of adding them?  I did the maternal DNA test prior to 2015 because I was going to Islay in 2015.    My mother was born on Islay in 1919 - Isabella Johnston Greig Douglas.  Her father was a lighthouse keeper and was at McArthur's Head lighthouse when he drowned when my mother was 9 months old.  Her mother was Bessie McEachern (MacEachern - my relatives that are still in Islay go with Mac).  My mother and Bessie moved to Canada in 1930 to the Mount Forest area.  Bessie's parents were William McEachern and Isabella Johnston.  Isabella Johnston's parents were Alexander Johnston and Margaret MacDougall.  William McEachern's parents were John McEachern and Elizabeth McAulay.
William McEachern's obituary reads as the following:  Obituary from the Oban Times on the death of Wm MacEachern, Feb 5, 1918:
Conisby - on the 5th Ult. Mr. William MacEachern peacefully passed away to his rest.  Being the oldest son of Mr. John MacEachern, farmer, he spent the greatest part of his life in this hamlet.  The deceased had been in indifferent health for the last six months, and bore his illness with great fortitude and resignation.  He was a fine speciman of the Highlander, and of the good old stamp, of which there are few remaining.  He was a lineal descendent of the famous MacEachern smiths, sword-makers and swordsmen, the makers of the sword called ceann Ileach(clann Eachern Othisinnis).  He was an enthusiastic Highlander and was fond of sports, being an athlete of some repute.  He won third prize for putting the stone in the same competition with the world renowned athlete, Donald Dinnie.  His favourite athletes were Donald Dinnie and the famous Islay athlete, Donald Gillespie, familiarly known as "Donhnull a'Chreagain".  Deceased was highly intelligent and took a warm interest in the leading political questions of the day.  He was warmly esteemed by all who knew him, and will be greatly missed.  He was 71 years of age, and has left his wife and grown-up family of four sons and three daughters to mourn his loss. The funeral took place to the burial ground in the ancient Culdee churchyard of Kilchoman.  The funeral was largely attended - an evidence of the esteem in which the deceased was held by friends and acquaintances.  Impressive services were conducted at the house and the grave by the Rev. Messrs. Taylor, Baptist Church, Bowmore, and Boyd Parish Church Kilchoman.  Sincerest sympathy is extended to his wife and family in their bereavement.

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