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Sue Visser

Hi Toni – the sisters:  Florence, Margaret – and 2 possibles:  Mary, Catherine.
My connection with these Sinclairs are McCannells via Margaret, surprisingly not mother Catherine McCuaig.

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Thank you for your response, Glynn.  I was aware of Dr. Caldwell's comments about the Sinclairs in Argyllshire going by the name of MacNokaird (various spellings), and I have traced about a dozen on Islay (pre-1750) from early tenant lists, etc.  What I find a bit humourous is that the only Sinclair blacksmith I can find on Islay was a reference made in John McKorkindale's journal when visiting Archibald and Isabella (Sinclair) MacDougall in or near Keady, Ontario.  Reminiscing about his youth, apparently he and Bell were friends, and her brother, John Sinclair, of Mulindry was the blacksmith.

Sue V.  -  Would this Bell be one of the 2 Mulindry sisters you mentioned in your previous message?  I think she must be the next generation, but I can't really place her in a specific family.  McKorindale said she also had another brother, Duncan who had a school in Mulindry
["Footsteps of a Highland Immigrant", the journal of John McKorkindale and transcribed by Mary Kearns Trace]
Toni S.

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