Re: Orkney connection?

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Can be hard to dislodge “known” family history ;-)

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Thanks Johan.  I think you've also corresponded a bit with this gentleman, so I won't go into the details.  However, he is very certain that his Mullindry Sinclairs were definitely not tenant farmers.  However, "The Daybook of Daniel Campbell of Shawfield,",compiled by Freda Ramsay, and "The Book of Islay" edited by Gregory Smith indicate that Mullindry was always a Campbell-owned farm.

Sue V.  - To my knowledge, there were 4 Sinclair brothers.  One of them - John, married a Catherine McCuaig of Kildalton parish (I think you had her in some of your family research).  Did you ever come across any information to indicate that Catherine married into a Sinclair family with Orkney origins?

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