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Toni, Hello, and thank you for your investigations. Even after all these years, I am still an amateur, and I have no links, that I know of to Orkney. My only observation is that I do share DNA with some folks who have Sinclair ancestors in north of Scotland and the islands in the north. I have not kept any note of this as I have no idea if that is the link or not.

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Hello all,
I've recently been contacted by someone with a Mullindry Sinclair connection. He is quite sure his Sinclair ancestor and his brother, the sons of a "Magnus Sinclair" from Orkney came to Islay and lived on Mullindry for two generations (up to the early 1820s), then emigrated to Canada. Well, I've gone through every book and paper I've accumulated on the Islay Sinclairs, and I cannot find any evidence of this. You would think that a son would at least name one of his sons "Magnus", but I've never found that name for any Islay Sinclair.
Does anyone on this Islay list have any family history going back to the Orkneys?

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