Re: Request to join Old Islay

Sue Visser

Hi Morag and any others who are interested in Old Islay but have concerns.
Like you want to do Morag, I have my Facebook account very tightly secure.
BEFORE joining, make sure you have good general internet security.  This is to keep you safe with all your online work.  Check out other ways to help keep you secure.  I use ‘startpage’ for ALL my internet searching.  I have an ad blocker, Ghostery.  I use F. B. Purity for Facebook (check it out).  There are others out there – these are just what I use.
To answer your questions:
I haven’t answered any personal questions other than ‘married’ when I signed on to FB.  I do however have a photo – right now it’s a card one of my grandchildren made saying “I miss you” (re COVID).  For significant days, like Remembrance Day, I change my photo to something appropriate.
After you sign up and log on to your Facebook account, in the upper right corner, you’ll see an arrow down:
Go to Settings. 
Under Security and login you’ll find your two-factor authentication.  There are a couple of other security things you might want to check out there.
Under Privacy:  check out each item.  Most questions you can answer with “Only Me” but a couple you need to have differently if you want to interact with others on Old Islay and Islay from 2000.  Both are private groups and what is shared there is not open to the public:
Who can see your future posts:  “Friends”
Who can send your friend requests:  (you only have 2 choices here – I have ‘friends of friends’.
Do you want search engines outside of FB to link to your profile: “No”
How you get message requests: in order, Chats, message requests, message requests (I was told these answers help to connect with others in the private groups.
You can go through the other items under settings and it’s mostly common sense.
Also, - each Friend you have has friends.  When your Friends connect with your posts, it can be seen by their friends!  I deliberately keep my friend list VERY small, all family.  Even my best friend in life is not my FB friend!  If someone has 100s of friends, then they are not included on my FB Friend list.  I have received Friend requests of people on Old Islay or Islay from 2000.  You can “ignore” requests but if it’s someone I’ve messaged with, I politely tell them I keep my Friends list solely for close family.  You  can message back and forth with Members of Old Islay or Islay from 2000 (you’ll find a message button with each member’s name) and that too is not open to the public.  When I’ve connected with someone and it’s been apparent that we can help one another with shared research, then we’ve exchanged email addresses and have done it privately.  HOWEVER having said that, sharing on Old Islay is private and often a photo triggers many responses and memories shared – that’ what makes Old Islay so special.
Nine years ago, like you, I was quitting Facebook.  I’d contacted everyone on my Friend list and asked them continue by email only.  Then Old Islay came to my attention – and I tentatively joined, jumped in whole heartedly and have never regretted it.  “Islay from the year 2000 to the present” usually starts my day – the photography and videos posted by Ileachs are amazingly beautiful.
Once you have become a member of Old Islay, under the top heading photo, you’ll see links:  About, Discussion, Announcements ... and all the way over to “More”.  Check out “More” – media and files.  Check out “members’ – you’ll be surprised how many members you recognize.  “Discussion” are the daily posts.
Always log off when leaving FB. It’s under that arrow down I mentioned at the very beginning.  It’s like logging off your online bank account – it closes the door.
Morag – it might sound daunting but once you start, you’ll find it makes sense.  I hope you join.  The only problem I have with Old Islay and Islay from 2000 is that I end up reading and watching so much that I lose track of time.  During COVID and months of lock down, that has been a blessing!
Regards from Ontario,
Sue Visser

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