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Doug Carmichael

Glen, there is a good deal of detail reguarding  Scotish agriculture  during the 1813 onward removals in Sutherland.
 SET ADRIFT UPON THE WORLD is the title , James Hunter is the author. Cheers Douglas Carmichael.

On Mar 6, 2021 01:29, Glynn Currie <familyhistoryguy@...> wrote:
I have completed  a spread sheet based on the 1871 Census for an Islay farm. It raises a number of interesting questions. I wonder if anyone can add to or modify my thoughts.
The term "farm" has two different usages here. The first use describes the entire piece of land used by a small community of people. The second use describes a small piece of that land, farmed by one farmer.
The farm community had 74 people living in 16 family groupings listed in the census. Not everyone had a job listed. I wonder if they would have been working together on a family farm.
9 people were listed as farmers. Each had a piece of land varying from 20 to 60 acres. However, only a small piece of each farm was arable land varying from 5 to 10 acres. In fact of the total 320 acres available for farming, only 92 were arable land suited for crops.
1 person was listed as a crofter and 1 was listed as a herdsman.
I wonder what the difference between the crofter and the farmers would be.
Would the herdsman be responsible for a community herd? Or would that herd belong to an absentee person, the land owner or the tacksman?
Presumably the land was owned by an aristocratic landlord, such as the Campbells and was managed by a tacksman who would not have lived there. I wonder about differing social status levels of the people living on the farm. Would the farmers be considered the highest status people in the community?
Would people move onto and off of the farm at frequent intervals, or would most of them be inclined to live on the farm for life?
If anyone could help me to learn about this life style I would appreciate it. Possibly there are other readers who would find it interesting as well.

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