Re: Request for Assistance - Mary McArthur


I have information from an elderly (since passed away) uncle's records that my GG Grandmother Flora McEachern, was born at Leachdehaunairt, Islay, Scotland, her father's name was John, her mother's name was Catherine Clark. He also suggested that this is why our family has a tendency to prefer Kilchoman whiskey, which as a youngster I didn't understand. My GG Grandmother, married a MacDonald, lived on Mull until she immigrated to New Zealand, where she lived her life out. John McEachern, an elder from Leckgrunart, in the #550 message is the first written evidence I've seen, that he existed. The timing, age, location are all correct. My Scottish son-in-law has informed me that Leachdehaunairt is an Englishman's spelling of Leckgrunart.
Can anyone point me in a direction to find anything more about John McEachern, please?
I am a novice here and any help is most appreciated.

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