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I have a direct hit with your family.

Let me ask whether the maiden surname of your mother-in-law was Frid, and of her mother-in-law was Ferrier.  And of course you would know a Jacquline.

If so, I suggest that you contact me off-List and we can fill in details for each other.  If you can’t see my address on the listing, it is

Your family was originally named McVoran and most (but not all) of them “Anglicised” the name in the early 1800s to Morrison.

I have obtained most of the information from other relatives in Ontario and can put you in touch with them, in case you are not already in contact.  I am also probably connected with the family, but have not been able to find documentation of the connection between them and my 3xGGmother, Grace McVoran (Morrison), who I suspect may have been a sister of your William 1788.

I have info on the parents of William, plus another sister.

Ken Harrison

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Folks, this is my first post, so I hope I am doing it right.
My current information about my wife's Morrison family is WILLIAM MORRISON (b. 1788,;d. 9 May 1805); DONALD (b. 1827, Upper Killeyan, Oa, Islay; d. 24 Dec. 1902 Strabane, Ontario); DUNCAN (b. 3 Mar 1883; d. 29 Mar. 1941). Duncan's son, WILLIAM DOUGLAS MORRISON, is my (deceased) father-in-law.
Naturally, I would appreciate any further information - or correction of errors.
Paul D. Mack

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