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Nancy Olson

Thank you to Sue and Iain for letting me know that I was heading in the wrong direction with my research.  Sadly, that puts me right back at the "brick wall" with no idea where to go from here because I have such limited information to work with.  Do you perhaps have any suggestions or possible resources that could help me find a Mary McArthur born in 1820 on Islay that emigrated to Canada sometime between 1820 and 1849?  Smile  Oh well, I'm afraid I may never get past this brick wall.  

Thanks again for your help!


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Thanks Iain – between the two of us, we’ve turned Nancy in the right direction Smile and that Mary d/o of Neil and Rose did not emigrate.
Happy hunting,
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Hi Sue
Here is the image of the register page  for Mary Black , daughter of Rose Kelly which conforms her parents.
Iain MacIntosh
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I’m not related Nancy.
Do you have the parents’ marriage:  (from OPR transcriptions so it’s a good idea to look at the original) 
A search on Ancestry (Canada) has one researcher recording Mary, d/o Neil McArthur/Rose Kelly marrying 24 Jan 1844 Kildalton to John Black b 1809/  They have her death 14 Nov 1875 Ardbeg, Islay.
This is not to say that this is correct – another person’s research which could be wrong but it does give you another direction to consider chasing.  Finding Mary and John’s marriage would help as it hopefully gives Mary’s parents’ names.
Happy hunting,
Sue Visser
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Subject: [Islay] Request for Assistance - Mary McArthur
Hello.  This is my first time requesting assistance/input from this group.  Thank you in advance.  Wondering if anybody is familiar with Mary McArthur christened in Kildalton on 10 February 1820 - parents Niel McArthur and Rose Kelly?  I have been at a brick wall researching my great grandmother for years.  All I know is that "my" Mary McArthur was born on Islay in 1820 and immigrated to Canada (most likely first to Montreal and then to Quebec City).  I'm not sure when she immigrated, but it was definitely sometime prior to 1849.  Would be very appreciative to get any information anybody might have about the Kildalton born Mary McArthur so I can rule her in or out as a possibility with my research.  
Thanks so much.
Nancy Olson

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