Re: John Murdoch + Islay emigrants


I got quite excited when this popped on on my emails mentioning John Murdoch of Islay.  Then realised it was not my Rev John Murdoch first pastor of the Round Church in Bowmore.  He had 11 children and only know of 2 marriages, the one of which I descended (Thomas) and Charlotte who married who married Neil Currie. They had a John b 1771 and two other males Archibald 1758 and Patrick 1768. The last two children would have been born on Islay (John 1771 and Jean 1772) as he only arrived on Islay around 1769.  

Wondering if maybe this John Murdoch you mention would some connection.  I have heard of this John a few times, but as I have been unable to conclusively find any indication of marriages or deaths of Rev John's children so far it would be hard to tell.  

Will need to get back to this side of the family and see what I can find.

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