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Chris MacDougall

Hi Iain,

Many thanks for sending this to me! I greatly appreciate it. I will be reviewing this in detail, and expanding to include my Jura ancestors that migrated to Islay in the 1840s.

Thank you again!

All the best,


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Hi Chris

Christ: I tried to get on to Ted Larson’s pages on Rootsweb, but encountered an error. 

I have attached an Excel spreadsheet of this data which  I downloaded a number of years ago from Steve’s site.




Iain MacIntosh



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Hello everyone,


I am hunting down a McDougall/Currie link, and I am wondering if any of you might have these people in your respective trees, plus further information.


Euphemia (Effie) Currie married Hugh McDougal at Kilmeny in 1855, and they had a daughter named Anne in 1860. There might be other children, I am not sure.


The other items I am not sure of are Hugh's parents and Effie's parents. As everyone well knows, the number of McDougalls and Curries on Islay makes this extremely difficult to follow. My own Jura McDougalls went to Islay in the 1840s, also muddying the waters a bit.


Any information, or leads for me to research further, that you may have regarding Hugh, Euphemia (Effie) and their children would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks and all the best,




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Anne, that's great that you & Janet have confirmed links & solidified some connections.

I have to climb out of the tree for a bit as I have other commitments looming. Happy hunting to all~

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