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Malcolm Campbell

Thanks for this Toni

Looks interesting.

May attend

Bought Fleming's book Eldon Connections at an OGS conference years ago. 

My best,


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Date: February 10, 2021 at 3:21 PM

Hi everyone,

I recently heard from Bill Caudill of the Scottish Heritage Center
(St.Andrews University) in North Carolina that they will continue to
hold their annual (30th) Scottish Heritage Symposium, but in a
"virtual" format for the first time this year on March 20. We are
invited to "Take the opportunity to spend the day with some of the top
scholars in the USA, Scotland and Canada on topics relative to
Scottish and Scottish-American history and genealogy."

Among the list of these excellent scholars is Dr. Rae Fleming, author
of "Eldon Connections", and local historian and specialist on the
migrations between Islay, NC and Ontario in the19th century. He
actually lives in Eldon Township! Other topics include Gaelic
literature and lore in the American South; dna found in Scotland and
the Scottish diaspora; Gaelic hymn and song traditions found in the
Carolinas; and the connections between Native Americans of the
Carolinas and their emigrant Highland Scot neighbours.

You can learn more details about the speakers at: and click on the Brochure Link.
The schedule and registration information you will find under 2021
Schedule link. Or, email me, and I'll forward these details to you.
The cost is only $20 US.

My husband, Sandy and I have personally attended two of these
symposiums in past years, and they were well worth the trip. Now we
can enjoy this interesting conference in the comfort of our own homes!
I am also a member of their NC Scottish Heritage Society, which puts
out an excellent Journal 3 times a year, called The Argyll Colony
Plus. They give Islay quite a lot of coverage in many diverse aspects
of Islay life and history. In the most recent issue is a list of many
Immigrant Ships from Scotland to North Carolina 1739-1820 by Dr. R.J.
Cain of Raleigh, NC. Among them it mentions 2 ships of interest to
- 1769, the Mally sailed from Islay for NC, "full of passengers to
settle there." (from Scots Magazine,1769)
- 1774, the Carolina Packet sailed from Campbeltown, with 62
passengers from Islay and Mull, (Newsome)

The 1818 ship that brought the "Eldon" folks to NC wasn't listed. In
1820 there were 2 Sinclair brothers who left Kilchoman parish for NC
with their young families, presumeably following their friends who
left two years earlier. However, they did not migrate north to
Ontario, and there are many descendants still living in the Carolinas
and further afield. And Bill Caudill is one of them. It's a small



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