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Iain MacIntosh

Hi Toni, could you clarify Alexander and Annie Sinclair’s dates  please ?    If they married in 1828,  he would have been 10 at the time of his marriage and  Annie 7 yrs at the time of her marriage, going by their ages at death?  Also there seems to be a large  gap between the marriage year  and the birth years of their children?   


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Hello Julie,
Here's what I have for "Annie" McLellan in my notes.  She and Alexander Sinclair were married 29 January,1828.  She was the daughter of Archibald  and Catherine McLellan.  Alex died on the 9th of Oct.1909, age 91 yrs.  Buried at Farewell Cemetery, Bethel, Mount Forest.  Annie died 1 May,1911, age.90 yrs. 

Their children were:  1. John,1851;  2. Archibald,  3. Catherine, 1852;  4. Sarah ca 1861;  5.  Charles (or Donald Charles?);  6. Annie; 7. Lizzie,  8. Florence,  9. Robert;
10.  Duncan,1867;  11.  Alex. 1872

I have some more info on their spouses, locations, census records, obits, etc.  Which line is your's? and I'll see what else I have for you.

In case you are wondering, the Minto Sinclairs are not our Islay Sinclair line (our's settled in Fenelon twp), but I corresponded with a few descendants of John and Sarah when I was doing a newsletter article on the Minto family.
Toni Sinclair

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