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What can work is *writing it up!* Look at a family, or a person, note carefully the records and if you want more people to read your post -- include some images. You can screenshot some records so that only the part pertaining to your family or person is shown. Introduce the person/family, summarize the facts and supporting evidence, and explain why your ancestor is not the same person as someone with the same name in the neighboring town/county/state, or whatever the wrong "facts" are being stated without evidence. 

You don't need a website -- there are lots of places to post your proof statement. Your genealogy society might have a blog, or journal, or maybe it's easiest to just start up a free blog and do it there. Blogger and Wordpress are both free and easy to set up. Mine is at I still get contacts from cousins from old posts! Some people even write short posts on Twitter!


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I agree years ago in ignorance I took a lot of family records as gospel until I started searching around. I think s lot of others did as well. Unfortunately those files that were posted cannot be changed now as far as I know.



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Well said Iain !

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Have you an original official source for this assumption . I have come across so many Ancestry trees which have just copied unsubstantiated information without going back to original records for verification.  My family in other trees have some whoppers! 🙄


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