Re: Currie / McVurich - please help

Lynn Seamark

AND… It does no good to politely question the owner of the trees of the unsubstantiated information. They point fingers or ignore.  I even tried the blunt force – So… you have in your tree that my great great grandfather was as bigamist with 3 wives, 32 children in different states and several – even after he died.  Is it possible your information is incorrect? crickets


Lynn Seamark


On 20 Jan 2021, at 17:41, Iain MacIntosh <iainmacintosh75@...> wrote:

Have you an original official source for this assumption . I have come across so many Ancestry trees which have just copied unsubstantiated information without going back to original records for verification.  My family in other trees have some whoppers! 🙄


Iain Macintosh 



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