Re: Donald Currie + Katherine Sinclair


Hello all,  I hope you don't mind if I butt into this conversation.   I found my record of the marriage between Donald Currie and Katherine Sinclair, Feb.1786.  This is what I have for their family:   1. daughter Catherine died 15 March, 1874, age 90, poor house.  If this is correct, she was probably their first-born around 1784.  2. Mary, Jan 3, 1787 at Sgarabus  3. Iver, Dec. 18, 1791.  4.  Ann, Sept. 1796 at Daill;  Alexander, Sept. 2,1798, Lurabus.  Emigrated to Egremont twp, Grey Co.  

So, if we used the traditional naming pattern, Donald's parents names might be "Iver Curry" and "Mary".  Thus, Katherine's parents might be "Alexander Sinclair" and "Katherine".   I know that is just speculative, BUT, Alexander Sinclair did live at Daill farm in the late 1790s, and his wife's name was Katherine.  "Iver" is a very unusual first name, certainly for Islay Sinclairs, so I suggest that the name is probably a Currie forename.   (just doing a quick google of Iver Curry + Argyllshire, I see that the name might have changed to "Edward", a more anglicized version.  I saw the name "Iver Curry" on the mainland of Argyllshire in a couple of places.  

Just thought it might help. 
(PS - Hi Janet!  I think we corresponded a few years ago.  And Roger! ....many more years ago.  Yikes!   Anyway, it's nice to be back.)   

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