Re: McFadyens of Bowmore, Islay

Philip Hubsmith

Hi Flora,


Thank-you for that, I have so much info I need to digest and collate and will check further if there is a connection


Hopefully a member can point us in the right direction for the database of Islay Gravestones and Photos referred to in previous correspondence by Roger McWee




Philip Hubsmith, Erskine, Scotland


From: Glynn Currie
Sent: 21 January 2021 21:21
Subject: Re: [Islay] McFadyens of Bowmore, Islay


Hi Philip,

Your message caught my attention. I too have a number of ancestors buried in the New Church Cemetery in Bowmore as 3 of my grandparents are descended from Islay residents. If there is a set of photographs I would love to see them.

You also mentioned the McFadyen family. While I have been too busy with other parts of my family trees, our line does intersect with the McFadyens. My paternal great grandparents were Donald Currie (1845 - 1904) and Catherine McFadyen (1851 - 1933). Catherine was the daughter of John McFadyen (b. 1803 in Kildalton) and Margaret McIntyre (b. Kildalton). Unfortunately that is all the information which I have.

Glynn Currie

Vancouver Island, Canada


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