Re: Currie / McVurich - please help

Alan Cameron

If it helps, I have some details of my Currie family. They were from Cairnduncan or CairnDonnachie which is in the Gruinard area of Islay.

My grandmother was Anne Curie (1873-1954) She married John Fraser who was born and brought up in Cladadh, Portnahaven). Anne's parents were John Currie (1823-1877) and Mary Smith. John's parents were Malcolm Currie (1794-1855) and Elizabeth Ferguson (1799-1862). Malcolm's parents were Duncan Currie (1763 - ?) and Mary McCauley ( 1767 - ?). Duncan's parents were Neil McCurry(1732 -?) and Mary Ferguson.(1735-?)

I have a list of descendants from Malcolm and John which may be of interest.

Incidentally, I saw a recent debate about the name. It is supposed to be derived from Murchadh who was the Poet / genealogist to the Lords of the Isles. His sons would have been MacMurchadh ie (son of Murdoch) and the next generation would be macmhicmhurachidh ie the son of the son of Murdoch. Mhic is grammatically the genitive of mac and simple means of the son. In time this became  Mac 'ichmhurichidh sounded machk-eech-oorich-ee) where the mh is silent and from there the mac  is dropped leaving simply coor-ee and then Currie. So your Curries in Islay are descended from an ancient and  important bardic family, associated with the Lords of the Isles.

Alan Iain Cameron

Director of Community Engagement

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