Re: Currie / McVurich - please help

Janice McClelland

Hi Anne - yes, he has done Ancestry's DNA test. I am really struggling with the Curries - FAR too many of them with the same name for my liking, lol.  Thus far I have 8 Mary's in the tree & 7 Donald's, and I know that's just a drop in the bucket. The only Mary I have that is close to yours is a Mary b. 1796 whom I added just yesterday. Parents Donald & Catherine Mccannel.

Wayne's 3x ggm is also Mary 1787-1862. She married a James McDermid.

If you'd like to look for Wayne (this is an open invitation to anyone reading this) in your matches he is listed as 'K.W. McClelland'. 

I gave up on Curries yesterday after several hours of trying to sort Johns, Donalds and Malcolms down to a match who is a 6th cousin. I got bogged down when I realized that I can't follow his tree - we get to an ancestral Donald that he says was born in ontario which can't be right if both parents died in Scotland, which is what I have. It's Donald, Malcolm & Mary soup, with a few Johns thrown in for good measure!

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