Re: Valuation Rolls

John Kemplen

PS There is an Archibald McDermid living in a house in the right parish, but the place just says "House", not Bowmore or Shore Street.  You would probably have to buy some credits to see if the original record gave more clues.

On 11/01/2021 17:01, John Kemplen wrote:


There ARE Valuation Rolls for Islay for the period you are looking for.  You will find them on the Scotland's People website.  You have to register to search them, but you only have to pay to obtain a scan of an original record.  To find the ones for Bowmore, select Argyll County the parish Killarow and Kilmeny.  You can search by surname (not forgetting variations in spelling) or by place, but place is a bit tricky because it includes the property type before the town name, so I don't think you can just group everything for Bowmore together, as place would include House Bowmore, House and Garden Bowmore, House and Croft Bowmore etc.  The records start in 1855 and are then given every ten years, so you may have most success looking at 1885.



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