McInnes and McCaffer

Betty Macey

There has been so much traffic recently I thought I’d have another attempt at seeking more information on my forbears.

My Great Great Great-Grandfather Hector McInnes married Marion McCaffer at Kilchoman on 17 December 1822.  In the 1851 census Hector says he was born in Rothesay, Buteshire, but Marion’s records consistently put her birth at Killarrow or Kilchoman.

I know quite a lot about what happened to the family after they left Islay in the early 1850s. They went to Port Glasgow, then Greenock, then Glasgow. My own Grandfather used to say there were so many of us in Greenock there was a close nicknamed McInnes Close. Do any of these names have any resonance with others on this forum?

Hector’s mother is named as Mary Johnson on his death certificate, but his father’s forename is not given. Beyond that, I know nothing about them. I’m not even sure that I have all their children, as it’s quite possible that there were some born that had left home by the time of the 1841 census. My own line stems from Neil McInnes b Kilchoman c 1833.

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