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Chris MacDougall

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been sharing this McDougall and Sinclair information for Islay. I seem to share many of these same connections, though I have never really explored them in detail. I have DNA matches that list Peter "Angus" McDougall and Mary McDougall married to Malcolm Currie. 

One of my matches also lists a Margaret McDougall (from Islay) married to a Duncan Sinclair (from Inveraray and moved to Islay). They had three children: Margaret, Duncan and Catherine.

My connection to the area is through my fourth great grandfather, Malcolm McDougall, who first lived on Jura, but eventually moved to Islay. My third great grandfather, Angus McDougall, was born on Jura in 1814 and was listed as a blacksmith in the 1841 census records for Islay, before he moved his family to the Nottawasaga area in Ontario. 

It has previously been assumed that my Malcolm, born in 1786, was the son of Angus McDougall and Mary McFadyen, but the only real link was that Malcolm was from Keils, Jura (though it might have been Keills, Islay) and that Angus and Mary had another child named Flora (born 1787) and married to Duncan Keith.

The consideration, and thanks to Chas Houston for this, was that Angus McDougall was born in 1753 at Bowmore. 

I have been working to establish some patterns based off of the DNA matches that I share with others for the links that I believe to be McDougall in nature, but it is still a work in progress.

I am always happy to discuss this topic further. :-)

All the best,

Chris MacDougall

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Congratulations on your breakthrough!

I just want to check a few things with you.


Catherine: I show her married 1808 in Kildalton to John Smith.  Can you verify?


John: in 2006 you wrote that “I have a John McDOUGALL b. 1771 Islay at Grastle, the Oa, Islay. They immigrated to Ontario, settling in Thorah Twp., Beaverton, ON circa 1832.   His wife was Christina McDOUGALL (nee), b. 1794, also Grastle.  They brought 8 children born over 18 years, none named John.”  This latest info shows him to be 12 years younger than you thought earlier.  Have I understood this correctly?


Peter: have you any details about the other names for him (Angus & King of Egypt)?  I show him married to Margaret McCuaig, from Kintra, Islay – can you verify?


Allan: new to me.  Do you have any more details?


Mary: she is new to me.  I have John’s children as Christina 1812, Margaret 1818, Flora 1820, Catherine 1823, Elizabeth 1826, Marion (Minnie) 1829 & Alexander (no date).  Where does Mary fit?


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For Alexander McDOUGALL and Christina Sinclair, I have these children


Catherine McDOUGALL


John McDOUGALL 1783, Grastle, (Grastill) the Oa, Islay. D. Jul 1871, Thorah Twp., Beaverton, ON I have him married to  a Christina McDougall. Tombstones in the Old Stone Church in Thorah. Stopped there on the way home from our Islay Gathering. Time well spent.


Peter "Angus" (King of Egypt) McDOUGALL, Sep 1780, Grastle, Islay Argylshire, Scotland, D. 01 Jan 1869, Old Stone Church, Thorah; Cemetery transcript for Old Stone Church Cemetary says "Jan 2, 1869 aged 88 yrs. Native of Islay; 'Jesus has called our father home, His flesh lies mouldering in this tomb. God grant his offspring may be blessed and then meet him in eternal rest.'


Allan McDOUGALL, 1781, Grastle,


This John 1783 is my ggg, my gg Mary McDOUGALL’s father. She married Malcolm CURRIE. His first wife had died in Childbirth on the 5 acre lots in Duntroon. He went back to Thorah and told them there about her death. This young Mary said she would raise his child. They could not live together so they had to marry.


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