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Hi Steve,

Status quo  -  please..

I still, as I think you know,  refer to your site from time to time and I have occasionally directed others to it as well.

Please keep safe and well.


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Hi guys,


Let’s see if I can answer the various queries below…………


The original Islay/Rootsweb list was started in conjunction with the Islay branch of my genealogy.  Admittedly the list and the website together produced some big steps towards overall genealogical research about Islay.  When I took my leave in 2003, and left the list to others, the website became static, and the list suffered and faded.   Most of you know the story.


Facebook has been a good place to shift to, everyone can share stories, and pictures – plus it has gone far beyond what the initial intention of my website was – it’s become a forum for lots of other Islay memories that don’t really apply to digging for our ancestors roots, it’s been very enjoyable to sit back and watch.


Now, Sue asked about asking me to delete the list – my reservation would be that there is a good deal of data contained in the archival messages for the list.  I don’t know if deleting the list would also delete that – that would be unacceptable to me – but otherwise the existing list serves very little purpose.  Plus I’m not certain that I could delete it, the control of the list has changed hands……..


And yes, Iain, my website is still there, the URL has not changed:


A few of the external links from my website, do not work, but all the original content is still there.


Hazel, you may find some information here:


Some of the email addys may be outdated though.


I’ve found that most people don’t seem to be aware of all the info that is available on my website.  I’m not one to be much of a self-promoter, but everyone should feel free to share links to my website, and even to specific pages that people may appreciate.  Again, my time is not centered on genealogy, and I don’t follow the Old Islay FB page very diligently either, but do stop by from time to time.


Hope everyone is well and coping with all the challenges the covid pandemic has brought to the world.


Steve G





This list is so much outdated, it might be a better idea to ask Steve to

delete it entirely.  At a quick glance, I see 2 who are deceased (Robert

Keith, Ted Larson) and 4 whose email addresses are changed (Helen Blair,

Dixie Cutler, Jean Hutchinson, and Toni Sinclair) and that's probably just

the tip of the iceberg.


The view from here,

Sue Visser




The original researchers list was compiled by Johan and myself a good few

years ago.  It was passed to Steve Gilchrist who added it to his  Islay Data

site, now on Rootsweb.  I don't know if this site can still be accessed,

amended or deleted.  Steve Gilchrist, can you advise?   Hazel,  I have

updated your details on  my master list and attached it the updated copy.




Iain MacIntosh



A dcument came out recently that had all the people that were doing research

on their Islay ancestry. I noticed that the list had an old e-mail address

for me. I had sent in the up-to-date one  but it hasn't been changed. Could

anyone tell me who I should contact to get that changed. sesrching for

Calder,  Campbell, MacDougall


Hazel Bochinski







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