Re: Islay Reunion 2004

Malcolm Campbell

Hey Toni 
Welcome back.
Took pictures at the Islay gathering in 2005. Great to meet other Islay researchers there.
Among whom was my Christine Harenberg who is my 5th cousin through the common Islay ancestor listed below, our 5th gg Alexander McDOUGALL and Christine SINCLAIR.
We last met at an OGS annual several years back
Had I told you that my 4th gg was Christina SINCLAIR, b. circa 1760, m.  to John McDOUGALL, also b. circa 1760.
Their daughter was Christina McDOUGALL, b. 1794 in Grastle, (Grastill) the Oa, Islay, Argyle, Scotland,
m. on 26 Feb 1812 in BOTP -- Kilarrow  Islay, Argyle, Scotland, to
John McDOUGALL b. 1783 also in Grastle, (Grastill) the Oa, Islay, Argyle, Scotland
They had 8 children, one of whom was my gg Mary McDOUGALL who married Malcolm CURRIE. Guess whom I’m ultimately named for?

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Subject: Re: [Islay] Islay Reunion 2004
Hello to all of you Islay researchers.   Yes, the "Return of the Children" was a wonderful gathering back in 2004 - so great to meet the folks we had been corresponding with!
Sorry to have been absent for the last couple of years, but it's nice to see familiar names who are still here, and I look forward to "meeting" newer members and getting caught up. I'm still tracing all Islay Sinclairs, so if any of you have some hiding in the closet, please dust them off and let's compare notes.
Best wishes to all of you for successful research in the coming year.

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