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Merle Duncan

My families are:

Duncan Sinclair and wife Sarah Sinclair from Sanaigmore immigrated to Erin, Ontario area about 1835. They were married in Glassence which is now the Port Charlotte area.

Andrew McNabb and wife Janet McFadgen. Andrew’s parentage is a bit fuzzy but there are McNabbs from Lyrabus. His eldest son was born at Tighandrom. Janet was born at Knock (Cnoc Raonastil) and she is the daughter of John McFadgen and Flora Keith.  Andrew and Janet immigrated to Erin, Ontario with family about 1853.

John McArthur and Anne “Nancy” McArthur (maybe Taylor) of Port Ellen. I am not sure of either parentage. Anne died on Islay about 1851. John immigrated to Erin, Ontario with his family, Isabella, Anne, Donald, Charles and Margaret about 1873.

Alexander McKechnie (census while living on Islay uses McEachern and some of the family maintains this after immigration to Canada) and Sarah (Marrion) McLachlan. Alexander lives at Sean-Ghairt, Kilmeny and dies before the family immigrates to Erin, Ontario about 1834. His parentage is unclear. Sarah’s parents are also unknown to me. She immigrates with her children Donald, John, Flora, Ann, Duncan, Mary, Neil and Christina.

Donald MacLean and wife Anne McLachlan both born on Islay but I am not sure of location. They immigrated to Erin, Ontario about 1835. I do not have certain parents for either.






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Hi, everyone. 


There are now 177 of us here. Would you like to start a roll call? Just the Islay people's names and places you are interested in.


I am thinking we can also build up a database for the people we are researching.


We can post images too - however - there is an overall size limit for images on free lists here. So be cautious and resize them, please.  I would love to see photos of those we know came from Islay, if we have them.



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