Re: Islay Reunion 2004

Carolyn Harmon

Enjoyed both Islay and Peterborough gatherings! I also met cousins while in Ontario.  (I hope this reply doesn't copy everything. I had trouble with that before.)

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 8:02 PM Malcolm Campbell <malcolmr.campbell@...> wrote:
The reunion I attended in Peterborough in 2005 was so memorable. Met a 4th cousin.
Malcolm Campbell
From: Sue Visser
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Subject: Re: [Islay] Islay Reunion 2004
Hi Diane.  Thank you for fun memories.  Yes the pics are mine 😊. I've looked at the participant pics through the years.  I miss seeing some of those folks on our present list.
Take care and keep well wishes to all.

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