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John Kemplen

Hello Greg

Could I enquire why you have posted this query to the Islay list?  Inverchaolain is on the Cowal peninsula of Argyll rather than on the Isle of Islay, Argyll.  I have links to both Inverchaolain and Islay.  My McKellar ancestors can be traced back to Inverchaolain parish, but they moved to Bute and then around 1840 two of them and their wives moved to Islay.  Although I can't help you with your query, I would be interested to hear the answer if you get one.  I do not think it is very likely that any of my ancestors would be buried at Inverchaolain Church because Inverchaolain looks, to modern eyes, to be a very strange parish, straggling all the way round Loch Striven with no direct roads connecting the eastern and western parts.  It made perfect sense in the old days, because there weren't many roads anywhere and it was often easier to get around by boat, so centring a parish on a loch made good sense.  However, Inverchaolain Church is on the east shore of Loch Striven and I think there may have been another church or churches serving the parts of the parish on the west shore of Loch Striven and the north-east shore of the Kyles of Bute, where I believe my ancestors lived.  I am descended from one of the two brothers who moved to Islay around 1840.  My paternal gggg-grandmother was a Margaret Brown from Inverchaolain, born 1763.

Good luck with your quest.

John Kemplen

On 24/10/2020 20:55, GREG FERGUSON via wrote:
Is anyone aware of an index for the Inverchaolain Church, Churchyard
and how one might get a copy? 

Is there a website that has pictures of headstones?

I'm interested in Whyte or White , Ferguson
possibly Brown, Taylor and Adair. 

NS07NE 2.01 09096 75282


N.B. This reference applies collectively to NS07NE 2.01 and NS07NE 2.023

Address: Inverchaolain Church Churchyard and Churchyard Extension

Postcode: PA23 7UN

Status: In current use for burials

Size: Churchyard: 0.23 hectares, 0.56 acres; Churchyard Extension: 0.09 hectares, 0.23 acres


Number of gravestones: 227

Earliest gravestone: 1732

Most recent gravestone: 2003

Description: Burial ground associated with a church

Data Sources: OS MasterMap checked 22 September 2005; Graveyard Recording Form dated 6 March 2003

Thank you
Greg Ferguson


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