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Sue Visser

Thanks for the update Dixie. 
We’re ok – could be better; could be worse.  It would be thought that a lot of Gen stuff would have been done in recent months but nada.  Just as the pandemic hit, we were packing, renovating, trying to sell our condo, wondering what on earth we were going to do with everything closed.  It was a wild unfun rollercoaster ride that hasn’t ended quite yet. 
In the midst of that, we ended up in quarantine for 2 weeks – we’d stopped at our son’s to drop off Easter goodies and masks I’d made for Lisa (a PSW who uses public transport).  Everyone was great while we distanced chatted but in the afternoon, Lisa took very ill very suddenly and as a consequence since we’d been there the Health Dept said we had to quarantine too.  It was ok for us but the whole family there became ill, although the little ones were just off colour for a couple of days and then bouncing off the walls with energy because they couldn’t go outside.  Dan and Lisa on the other hand were very ill and each day when we video visited we were so worried about them – they actually took turns sleeping so one would be semi conscious with the Grands.   Anyway they were in quarantine for 3 weeks.  Fourteen residents died in the facility where Lisa works = you’d think they’d be very proactive to prevent such a thing from happening again but no lessons were absorbed GRRRR.  They even took away the sanitizer.  Lisa works her last day there Fri before moving to a hospital.
The rest of our gang is ok.  Laura was fairly worn out trying to get even some of those PPEs the PM and Ford kept saying there was lots of – she’s CEO of PACE Independent Living in Toronto and has +200 care providers with equal clients that needed masks, etc.  I managed to track down some sanitizer for her from a local distillery and, like Radar on Mash, Laura ended up calling around ON trading each N95s she had that her staff didn’t need for 5 of the masks they did need.
Chris and family are in TX – they’re ok too but no doubt you are aware of circumstances south of the border.  TX is one of the hot spots.  Originally they had planned to come here to pack and move us but then COVID hit and we told them to stay home.  We haven’t seen them for 1.5 years and it could a long while before we see them yet.  I wish they were still living in NWT!!!
Well that’s it in a nutshell.
Take care.  Keep well.

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Hi Sue,
Just a quick note about change of email. I am now using DixieAC@... as something went wrong with the old cutlerd@shaw — darned technology screwups.
Hope you and Norm are keeping well these strange days. We are fine — bored but fine.

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An excellent presentation: 
Not specifically just Islay.
Happy hunting,
Sue Visser

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