Re: Sinclair tree of Jack Puttenham's Islay ancestry chart

Chas Houston <cmcfhouston@...>

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the info and the correction.

Sorry, as per my reply to Flora, I should have read the report generated by my genealogy program
more closely.

I have John Campbell  died 1834, most likely from a family member,  and I have no DOB for him just an "abt 1783" and my report generator took that as the actual date of birth of death and calcuated an age for him based on 1783, He could have been any age probably between 50 and 65.

In case it may help others using Famliy Tree Maker:-

I have over 250,000 folk in my family trees database and unfortunately I have had to change genealogy tree programs to cope with the large numbers and lost many sources in the transistions due to each programs differences in the GED file info they could cope with. I am currently using Rootsmagic which is the only program which would take in a native Family Tree Maker ".ftm"  file, the FTM program having given up on trying to create large GED files.


Charles MacFadyen Houston b 1943 Govan.

With my main Islay connections as:- McFadyen, Taylor,  Beaton, McArthur, Carmichael &  McLachlan.

This long tree ties together several mini-trees I have been working on for decades.  I want to be very careful before making any merges.
Please advise the List of your source(s) for this information.
One initial question is in the snipped section below, specifically " John CAMPBELL ... was born in 1768. He was born about 1783 ... He died in 1834 at the age of 51."  Which is the correct birth year?
By the way, Chinguacousy (no q) is in Peel County.
Ken Harrison


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