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Chas Houston <cmcfhouston@...>

Hi Flora,

Sorry. I should have read the report generated by my genealogy program more closely.

Dugald died bef April 1851 and my report generator took that as the date of death and calcuated an age for him based on 1851, Seems he died between June 1841 and April 1851 at Giol.

Thank you for the DOB corrections.

I used Alexander Campbell's place of birth as given as "the Oa" on the 1851 & 1861 Censuses.

I see he later gave it as Campeltown on the 1871 Census where he is a farmer at Killeyan, Oa. I have changed his POB  to Campeltown.

Regards from sunny Scotland

Charles - Edinburgh.


On 14-Jun-20 5:31 PM, Flora MacAffer wrote:
Chas Houston

I would be grateful if you could please tell me where you got your information on Dugald Campbell's birth and also his death at the age of 78.   Dugald Campbell was my 3 x great grandfather and in all my years of research I have never come across that information.

I would also like to advise you that Alexander Campbell was born in 1864 and not 1894.   Ann Carmichael was born in 1886 and not "about 1868".

My 2 x great grandfather Alexander Campbell was born in Campbeltown in 1803 - not the Oa.

Flora MacAffer (nee Campbell)
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