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Hi Russ,

I am sorry, but I don't have anything for you just yet in regards to the McLeans and McGilvrays. I did note in the 1901 census of Canada it lists Hector and James as living with their family, but I haven't pieced this part of my tree together very well just yet.

The Mary McGillivray in my tree is believed to have been from Islay, but some of the other McGilvrays that went to the Nottawasaga area came from Jura, like my third great grandparents and their family. I went through my copies of the Jura parish records, and the McGillivrays seemed to drop off the map, so to speak, in the 1830s. If it was anything like my ancestors, they moved to Islay to have a better chance to board a ship destined for Canada.

Okay, after reviewing my DNA Matches on Ancestry, there is one who has a high number of McGilvrays from Islay, with some going to Simcoe County. This person's tree has Malcolm married to Ann, and two of their children are Malcolm and Bessie. There seems to be some speculation in regards to Malcolm (the father's) siblings and where/when they died. I believe that Mary is actually the sister of Malcolm, though I haven't been able to connect everything just yet. 

This person's tree on Ancestry shows an Ann, born 1794, as another sister to Malcolm. They have the date of death correct as 1872, but didn't list the marriage to Alexander McLellan.

This sounds like an interesting path to follow further.

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In the 1901 census of Nottawasaga, John and Mary McLean’s grandsons Hector and James McLean are living with Malcolm and Bessie McGilvray and are termed “nephews”. Malcolm and Bessie were siblings, children of Malcolm McGIlvray and Ann McCoag who came to Nottawasaga with most of their family in 1855. Have you determined the exact relationship between the boys and these McGilvrays?

The obvious connection would be if Ann and Malcolm Sr. were siblings. But I place Malcolm Sr. in the family of Donald McGilvray and Ann Ferguson. While he has a sister Ann, that Ann married Alexander McLellan and remained on Islay until her death in 1872. Her parentage is confirmed in the civil death registration.


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Hi Jeanette,


Like Dorothy, I have Gillespie and Bell in my tree. 


I don't have an Ann McGillivray, but I do have a Mary McGillivray, born approx. 1799, who married a John Allan McLean, born approx. 1803. This family moved to Nottawasaga, Ontario, along with my direct line ancestors.


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I have a Catherine Bell b. abt 1805 Kilchoman Parish, Gearach, Islay, Scotland; d/o Duncan Bell & Mary Sinclair. She married John Gillespie, b. abt 1777 Kilchoman, Islay, Scotland s/o Duncan Gillespie & Mary Catherine McDougall.  They moved to Canada and settled in Minto, Wellington Co., Ontario. Both are buried at Bethel Pioneer Cemetery, Wellington Co., Ontario 


I'm a bit late to join in the roll call but am interested in finding others with interests in these families:


Gillespie & Bell

John Gillespie b. Abt 1777 m. Catherine Bell b. Abt 1805

They moved to Canada. 

No good info on their parents. Speculate maybe John Bell and Catherine McNiven as Catherine's parents but other trees attribute other parents to her.


White & McGillivray (and McDermid, Heyman)

John White b. Abt 1811 m. in 1830 Ann McGillivray b. Abt 1803

In marriage record John in Skibba and Ann in Ellister

They moved to Canada.

John White possible father, living with him in 1841 census:

James White b. Abt 1851 Kilchoman, d. 1856 Ballymenach, parents Finlay White and Jane Heyman

Possible sisters (daughters of James White): Catherine White m. Donald McIntyre and Flora White m. Duncan McIntyre (brothers)


Possible sisters to Ann McGillivray: Mary m. Alexander Jamieson and Effy (Euphemia) m. James McIntyre


Possible mother to Ann McGillivray: Euphemia Effy McTaggart (not sure that's her maiden name); she's living with possible sister Mary in 1851 (Mary's mother)


Glad this mailing list is still going!


I know there are a lot of McGillivray researchers in particular on this list, so hoping to make some progress on that family if I can.



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