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Glad to see another Islay McGilvray who has the surname. I hope you  are considering taking the Y-700 DNA test at FamilyTreeDNA so we can find out how the Islay McGillivrays are related.

I made an Islay McGilvray database around 2007 which is/was on Rootsweb.

I have that Archibald was the son of Neil and Marion Lamont, though I also note that Archibald’s death registration has his mother as Mary McNeil. Neil and Marion had a son Duncan which concurs with him being John’s uncle.

Since Angus is not in the 1841 census I concluded that Neil and Angus are one and the same person.

Mary had an illegitimate son John who died young in 1863. Archibald registered the death and the father is not named.

You likely also know that Marion died in 1863 at Bowmore; again Archibald was the informant.


Russ McGillivray



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Hello sons and daughters of Islay!

1. Family surnames: McGilvray, Campbell, Lamont

2. Family info:

My ancestor, John McGilvray (b. 1831?), left Islay around 1850. His father, Archibald, and his mother, Annie Campbell remained on Islay. The siblings of John (from a mix of family records and info I received from Charles Houston's site) included: Neil (b. 1827), Angus (b. 1829), Mary (b. 1834), Anna Sarah (b. 1839), and Marion (b. 1841). There may also be an Archibald, unless it is a middle name for either Neil or Angus. I'm looking for info on any of the siblings. Anna was reported to have married a McEachern whose family had a whiskey distillery (it may no longer exist). I found a marriage record for Ann McGilvray and John McEachern in 1856 at Greenock, Renfrew, and presume this to be the right match at present.

John McGilvray eventually settled in Buffalo, NY, where an uncle, Duncan McGilvray, lived. I have info on the Archibald/John McG line, as well as the Duncan McG family line. I would love to hear from anyone with further info, or to answer further about the info I have.


Ryan McGilvray

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