Re: Roll Call ?

Alan Cameron

My name is Alan Cameron and I have many family connections in Islay. My mother was Mary Fraser, her sister Annie Fraser and their brother Iain Fraser. They were born and brought up in Ardbeg where their father John Fraser worked at the Distillery. They lived in Wembley Cottage Ardbeg. Ian was a gamekeeper at Farkin, Kildalton and latterly Dunlossit. Their grandfather was William Fraser who came from Boleskine on Loch Ness side and was a sheered. His wife was Peggy McFadyen. he had many brothers and sisters and her parents were Finlay McFadyen and Mary McGillivray. Finlay's father was Charlie McFadyen and the came from the Claddah area of Portnahaven.

My grandmother Annie Fraser (ms Currie) was one of a large family of Curries who originated in Carnduncan  (Kilchoman). She had a brother John whose sons - Malcolm (Calum) and Donald farmed in the Ballygrant /. PortAskaig area - Donald at Finlaggan and Calum at Esknish
Annie my granny's father was John Currie and he married Mary Smith. There are still Smith farmers in the Bowmore area. There was a large family of Curries whom I can trace. John's father was Malcolm and his wife Elizabeth Ferguson. 

If  any of these families are familiar, I would,d be happy to share my information.

Alan I Cameron


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