Re: Roll Call ?

John Lynch

Well hello, I just found this group and as it appears this thread is a roll call, I will add my quest.

I am tracing the McArthur’s from Islay, particularly those sailing with Capt. Laughlin Campbell as part of the Argyle Patent. I had for the longest time been at a loss in trying from my lineage, James Law McArthur b. 22July1859 in Lachute, Quebec. I have since stumbled upon the history of the Argyle Patent. With my known history ending in Lachute, Quebec, I believe my family will be in the lineage of Peter (Patrick) McArthur b. 1705 in Islay and Mary McDougal also of Islay, sailing with Laughlin Campbell in 1738 on the Happy Return. I am tracing this line independently, hoping that I will find the link between my family in Quebec and this one from Islay. From this Peter McArthur 1705 Islay, I believe my line with come through Charles McArthur b. 1730 in Islay, also sailing with his parents and two siblings in 1738. Arriving in New York, Settling in Livingston Manor, NY before the Argyle Patent was finally allotted in 1764. From Charles, I expect the line to continue through Peter McArthur b.1760 in New York who married Phebe Lane in Jericho, VT in 1782, making their way to Saint Andrews, Quebec in 1795. I know by the time Phebe Lane McArthur passed in 1852 she had over 200 living descendants. So yes, I find it very probably I will eventually be able to make a definite link to this family in Quebec.

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