Re: Roll Call - Campbell Sinclair, McLean, Buie, Johnston, McClellan, McCallum, Morrison and McLachlan.

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Donald CAMPBELL (c.1761-1835) and Ann "Nancy" SINCLAIR (c.1765-1835) had the following children:

i.                James CAMPBELL  (.1791-1836)  married 1827 Ann MCLEAN (1800-1892) daughter of Lachland McLean and Catherine Johnston,

ii.             Janet CAMPBELL  (c.1791-1885) married 1826 ANGUS BUIE  (c.1789-1872).

iii.            John CAMPBELL (1796-?). Nothing more is known about this child

iv.             Mary CAMPBELL (1798-1864) married 1821 Charles MCLEAN (1793-c. 1830), son of Lachland McLean and Catherine Johnston.

v.              Catherine CAMPBELL (1800-1833) married 1822 Angus JOHNSTON (1790-1832) son of John Johnston and Marion McIntyre.

vi.             Christena CAMPBELL (1801-1865) married 1827 Donald “Daniel” JOHNTSON (1793-1878), son of John Johnston and Marion McIntyre.

vii.           Ann "Nancy" CAMPBELL (1803-1886) married 1824 Dougal MCLELLAN(1802-1871), son of Angus McLellan and Isabel Campbell.

viii.          Margaret CAMPBELL (1804-1832) married John "Dougal" MCCALLUM before 1827.

ix.             Isabella "Bell" CAMPBELL (1807-?) married 1835 John MORRISON (c.1835-?).

x.              Sarah CAMPBELL (c. 1809-?) married 1839 Donald M MCLACHLAN  (c. 1814-?) 

xi.             Archibald CAMPBELL (1813-?). Nothing further is known about this child.


Donald and Ann Campbell emigrated to Ontario, Canada with their children, their surviving spouses and grandchildren in 1832/3.


Always looking for relatives of this family.



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