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My complicated Islay family


Goodness knows how to put photos on the links, however here are my great grandparents  Donald Gillies and Ann McKewan (brewer at Laphroaig)   The Carson children of Catherine Ann Gillies, who married William Carson, photographed on the last photo, with her sister Margaret Gilles who was the mother of Alaistair Woodrow  who partnered with his cousin, May Carson, my grandmother.  Bit twisted.  Margaret, my great grandmother was also my great aunt, and went to Canada.


Regards Kris Herron




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Subject: [Islay] Roll Call ?



Hi, everyone. 


There are now 177 of us here. Would you like to start a roll call? Just the Islay people's names and places you are interested in.


I am thinking we can also build up a database for the people we are researching.


We can post images too - however - there is an overall size limit for images on free lists here. So be cautious and resize them, please.  I would love to see photos of those we know came from Islay, if we have them.



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