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I set up my GEDmatch  account:  the reference numbers are  EL5733646 (Ancestry) and LN6358810 (FTDNA).

Please let me know yours.


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Hi Paul

Do you have a GEDMATCH reference number?


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My great great grandfather Duncan McAulay was born in Kilchoman, whether the parish or the town is not clear, around 1795 according to the 1851 Scottish census.  He married Rachel McLellan - this is from Scotland's people:  "Duncan McAulay, joiner, in Glasgow & Rachael McLelland, residing there, married 4th June [1824] by Mr. Kenneth McKenzie, Gaelic Minister, in Gorbals."

His son Angus, my great grandfather, was born in Edinburgh in 1825.  While researching, I found an old  message posted on a MacAulay message board that someone owned a book about the Quakers with this inscription:  "Angus MacAulay/ Plasterer/ Edinborough Scotland/ 1875" and "Duncan MacAulay/ Rachel McLearan/ Born Kilnehearn/ Island of Isla." Elsewhere is written "Angus MacAulay/ Glasgow" and "Chester" (presumably Chester, Delaware County, PA)."  My  great grandfather, Angus was a plasterer by trade and he emigrated to Chester.  I don't know if Kilnehearn is a name Rachael had before marriage or if she might have been adopted or the name of a farm.  How frustrating that I couldn't track down that book.

It seems that there are two groups of McAulays on Islay - Those from Kilchoman and those from Portnahaven, who may make their living on the water.  They're not far apart (at least as the crow flies) and I've wondered about a link between the the two groups.   

 Through DNA testing, I see that I have a great many relatives in Ireland.  I suspect that my McAulays may have come from Ireland and later emigrated to Islay.  My great grandfather Angus spoke Scots Gaelic, played the bagpipe (probably much to the chagrin of his neighbors) and was married by a Free Church minister in Glasgow.    

If anyone knows anything about Duncan and the children from is first marriage, I would love to hear from you.


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