Re: Islay Researchers


hi Iain
it appears that I'm not on the list.
my research interests are Peter GILCHRIST (1790-1855) from Kildalton and his wife Mary BROWN (1789-1874) my 3x great grandparents.
I'm descended through their daughter Margaret GILCHRIST (c1832-1893).
this is part of my grandfather's branch

also another branch of my family on my grandmother's side were FERGUSON who I've been unable to positively prove on paper.  just stories from my grandmother about John Ferguson (born about 1800), her great grandfather, who was from Islay. his boat sank while he was fishing and he washed up on the Antrim coast, and stayed in Ireland.  I don't know who his parents were so probably will forever remain a mystery.

thank you
Marcia Stancer

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